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“These are the Times That Try Men’s (and Women’s) Souls.”  Loosely quoting Thomas Paine regarding the American Revolution.  As you may know from everything being said this health crisis will be getting worse before it gets better.  We may be out of school for much longer than originally thought and our goal is to educate your children in a meaningful way so when we get back we can pick up where we left off.

Instruction must be live with teachers online and students in attendance online.  Attendance will be taken in each class and recorded.  When we return to school these records of attendance along with the work submitted will be acceptable to the State Education Commission so this year will count.  I’m sure you know that many other schools are online as well.  Our teachers and staff at this point have been trained and are up to the task on Microsoft Teams.  We feel with everyone’s cooperation and efforts this will be a successful method of educating your children!  Please keep in mind this is everyone’s first time through so we expect some bumps in the road!

The schedule moving forward includes 4 hours of instruction Monday through Thursday, and 4 hours on Friday for Art and questions and answers with teachers.  I will be available on Fridays for discussions with the dean.  Of course, feel free to email me or call the school at anytime (I receive VM on my computer).  The Live Lessons will be conducted through Microsoft Office 365 Teams, which every student has access to via their SHMS email. 

Once again we are just asking everyone, from staff to parents to students to DO THE BEST YOU CAN!  In a perfect world we would be greeting your children to school Monday morning after a week’s break, but this is our new realty.  Let’s continue to pray for everyone and an end to this terrible pandemic